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       Sighisoara - Sighisoara fortress known as the " Pearl of Transylvania " is the most beautiful and best preserved complex of medieval architecture in Central and South -Eastern Europe.
     Sighisoara, one of the few city- inhabite is a beautiful medieval urban illustration .

  As a medieval town, its date of birth isn’t certainly known . Are mentioned in medieval chronicles the years 1191 and 1198 . Although there are still historians who consider the late twelfth century , a period too early for founding the town, in our opinion , in conjunction with recent findings from Church Hill , 's chroniclers deserves more attention and credibility.
     The foundation and development of Sighisoara competed at least two main elements. The first was positioned at the crossroads of two important trade routes , a north south artery on here going the shortest route linking Bran Cluj . The second it is the strategic place through the Sighisoara’s gorge, an obligatory point of passage to the east of Transylvania.
       From Sighisoara to Medias, DJ 14, pass through the village Church Malancrav Danes (10 km), and after another 9 km take the left turnning and get in Laslea, hence, a municipal unpaved road, after another 12 km Malancrav reach the village. Church in the village, built in 1350, at the same time as Church Hill, is a specific Transylvanian Gothic monument. The place, basilica type has three aisles without vaults with bell embedded into the central nave and the choir completed in three sides, is vaulted with warheads Console and it is decorated in a naturalistic manner. Murals relatively well preserved, dating from 1405.

       Returning to the village of Danes , 9 km south on DJ  14 we arrive in Cris; the village , known for its former noble families Bethlen Castle, an edifice which in the Gothic style combines with Renaissance elements . The castle was built between 1559-1683 on the old foundations , the stone for its lifting being brought from the  Racos quarry . The castle stands on a small hill in the middle of the village , with rectangular building with a tower on the south- west , which gives through the inner courtyard , the building with thick walls and towers comprises over 40 large and bright rooms .

      Bethlen Castle from Cris. In the late sixteenth century there arose a massive cylindrical bastion , on the outside of the last floor statues were mounted soldiers . The inner tower , round, has narrow stained glass windows . Here was the chapel , the family ’ rich library and just above "the bridal room " called "the pleasure room”. Danes Castle is surrounded by a large park where there is a lake inside. One of the counts Bethlen had botanical passions so many trees and plants from here is a rarity . In the park there is a resting corner with tables and benches great cut and carved in white marble  which bears the signature of the greatest sculptor of medieval Transylvania: Fecit Necolai Elias , 1649 (both banks statue and table are available at The Brukenthal Museum in Sibiu ) .

       20 km from Sighisaara , DN 13 ( E60 ) in the direction of Brasov , is Saschiz , active craft center in the sixteenth century, especially by its famous potters guild. In the village can be visited The Peasant Citadel  and The fortified Church . Church Saschiz APOLD, vestiges of the village fortress, situated in the west of the village , comprise a relatively large area , which proves that it served as a refuge for other villages.

      The fortress is mentioned in documents in 1470, in a document issued by the office of the Hungarian king, Matei Corvin. City ’s curtin shows a polygonal plan , surrounding the hill , tower defense , relatively short, the shape of parallelepipeds with a square base and roof in one water, in the inside it shows similarities with Tanners Tower from Sighisoara .  The Fortified Church is one of the most prominent and oldest building of its kind in the country. The building began in 1495 and the work was completed in the next year, that fact beeing recorded in two inscriptions, one on the wall of the choir and the other on a tile roof . Architectural style building is related to other fortified churches that  you can find in nearby cities such as Bunesti , Cloasterf , Iacobeni etc . The surrounding wall was demolished and the tower bell newer than church shows similarities with the Clock Tower in Sighisoara, in the previously form (before the great fire in 1676) .

      Rectangular , with strong throwing consoles equipped with vents upstairs bell tower has , in the four corners of the roof base , turrets . Fortress of Saschiz Church with a single nave , elongated pentagonal choir , with a fortified defensive floor, benefiting loopholes located under the roof over the entire building, is surrounded by the buttresses connected by arches, above which rises parapets of wall , provided with battlements and shot holes , a square tower flanking the altar . Among the objects  with a special value in church  you find a Gothic chalice , made around 1480 by an unknown artist.
       Retired from the main road that links Brasov and Sighisoara (7 km from Bunesti) Viscri hosts one of the most spectacular fortified Saxon churches, being one of the six included in the UNESCO world heritage.

       More than just to visit old houses and church or small coffee shop selling handicrafts, tourists can enjoy the true Saxon hospitality, traditional food and the true rural experience.

       Road connection: DN13 (E60) from Brasov or Sighisoara (From Bunesti on county road - 7 km). By train: Rupea railway station- Sighisoara railway station

       They can visit the fortified churches in Homorod, Fiser, Bunesti, Drauseni. Also Rupea Ethnographic Museum, Borcoman Teacher Museum, house of Prince Charles, from Viscri, the Roman camp Hoghiz, Dopca Keys extinct volcano from Racos, secular oaks from Fiser.
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